Lawrenceburg, Ind., JUNE 5, 2017 – The Dearborn Community Foundation (DCF), and the Dearborn Adult Center (DAC) are teaming up with the United Way and the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network to present a non-profit workshop for volunteer board members of non-profit organizations across Dearborn County.

The June 29 workshop is entitled “Building a Strong Board and the Board’s Role in Fundraising.” The workshop is from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Dearborn Adult Center. 311 West Tate Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025. Registration is online at http://www.invitedtoliveunited.org/workshops or by contacting Lesley Devine at [email protected] or 1-765-288-5586, Ext. 228. The cost is $5 per person and includes lunch.

“This workshop is a great opportunity for volunteer Board members and staff members of non-profit organizations to learn about governance and fundraising,” said Fred McCarter, DCF Executive Director. “Not all organizations can afford to send their board members and/or staffs to this type of workshop, so we are very glad to work with the Dearborn Adult Center, the United Way and the Indiana Nonprofit Resource Network to provide this important educational opportunity at a low cost to charitable organizations in our community.”

Dave Sternberg, Senior Partner of the Indianapolis-based firm Loring, Sternberg & Associates, is the presenter. He is a fundraising and governance consultant for non-profit organizations.
He is a member of the faculty at the Center for Philanthropy at Indiana University’s Fund Raising School and a Governance Consultant for BoardSource.

Workshop participants will learn basic board roles and responsibilities, appropriate board size and structure, proper ways to recruit, orient and evaluate all board members. Fundraising can be a challenge for most organizations, so Sternberg will share his expertise on how transition board members into functioning fundraisers.

DCF is helping to fund the costs of the workshop through a grant from its Lauren Hill Make A Difference Fund. The Lauren Hill Make A Difference Fund enables the current and future DCF Board and staff members to make grants in perpetuity to address the changing needs in the community, following Lauren’s fine example of philanthropy and her motto to “Never Give Up!” Through the fund, the Foundation also hopes to inspire others to follow Lauren’s incredible example of making a difference in the lives of others.