aboutThe Dearborn Community Foundation, Inc., (DCF) is a community foundation, tax-exempt public charity that enables individuals, families, businesses and organizations to fulfill their charitable wishes. DCF builds and safeguards endowments for the community through contributions large and small. The endowment contributions are permanently invested to produce earnings so that these charitable funds make a difference in our community now and forever.

DCF grants support the needs/interests of the Dearborn County community in the fields of community service, social service, education, health, environment and the arts. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Foundation was able to award  grants to non-profit organizations and scholarships to students in our community.

Established in December 1997, members of our community have been turning to DCF, for nearly 20 years now to make their philanthropic dreams come true. The Foundation’s No. 1 job is to carry out the wishes of its donors in perpetuity. That’s exactly what the Foundation does in administering a total of more than 130 endowed and non-endowed funds.

DCF shares your love for its community and is here to help donors achieve charitable wishes. Please visit our Donors page to see how we can help you fulfill your philanthropic goals.