Dearborn Community Foundation, Inc. (DCF), has established itself as the leading charitable organization in Dearborn County. The DCF staff is a group of courteous, experienced professionals that are dedicated to making a difference in their community through top-notch service to donors, grantees and other community members, as well as, by providing professional support to board members.

DCF offers trustworthy, local expertise, and personalized service to help any donor create a legacy that makes a difference in our community.


DCF has been in existence since December 1997. The Foundation is the leading charitable organization in our community. Others turn to DCF for support and advice. The volunteer board members and staff take pride in playing the role of the leading nonprofit in our community. Everyone at DCF takes special pride in carrying out the charitable wishes of our donors.

We Volunteer Too!

The DCF staff and board and committee members are made up of caring, concerned members of the community who volunteer time serving numerous other organizations in Dearborn County. The volunteers who make up our staff, board and committees are also donors and they understand the needs in our community because they are involved.

We’re Flexible

DCF works with donors to give now or in the future. The Foundation volunteers and staff will help you customize a giving plan that makes your charitable giving dreams come true.


An independent, certified audit of DCF is completed annually.

We Get Personal

DCF meets with donors, and, at your request, will meet with a financial advisor or  attorney to discuss a donor’s charitable giving needs.

Privacy Policy

DCF has a privacy policy that protects donors, allowing them to decide whether they want to be recognized publicly for a contribution, or if you want to remain anonymous.

Maximum Tax Deductions

DCF is a community foundation and donors’ contributions qualify for the maximum deduction allowed in the year when gifts are made. Of course, DCF suggests donors seek advice from professional advisors regarding tax issues.

Top-notch Investment Advisors

Our investment advisors manage a portfolio aimed at long-term growth in the market.