LAWRENCEBURG, IND., DECEMBER 9, 2019 – A grant from the Dearborn Community Foundation (DCF) to Highpoint Health Foundation will help provide a medication to save victims of opioid overdose with the goal of linking them to recovery.

DCF recently awarded an $18,000 grant to Highpoint Health Foundation to help purchase a supply of Narcan (Naloxone) to fill a gap before more of the life-saving medication is potentially available through an Indiana Department of Health grant program. The DCF grant should provide a six-month supply of Narcan kits for Highpoint Health to distribute to law enforcement, other first responders and treatment agencies.

“This grant came about because we were made aware of a potential gap in the supply of Narcan kits in our community,” said Fred McCarter, DCF Executive Director. “It’s our understanding that the distribution of Narcan kits in Dearborn County is saving lives and linking people to recovery.”

Through the Community Action Recovery Effort (CARE) initiative, there has been an increased distribution of Narcan, which is showing success in savings lives and getting folks into recovery, says Brenda Spade, Executive Director of One Community One Family (OCOF), a non-profit organization that leads the large group of stakeholders/partners involved in the highly-touted CARE collaborative.

“All of the stakeholders involved in CARE have worked hard to establish a distribution system, so treatment agencies and law enforcement have Narcan kits available,” said Spade. “We’ve seen success in getting people the treatment they need to get on the road to recovery.”

However, the distribution of Narcan recently ended until another potential round of Indiana Department of Health grants becomes available in 2020. Additionally, the Hamilton County (Ohio) Narcan Collaborative had generously been providing a supply to Dearborn County, but that allotment of free Narcan has now dried up.

Through problem-solving by CARE partners, Highpoint Health developed a Narcan distribution system, but funds were needed to purchase Narcan, said Spade. The DCF grant funds will be used to purchase Narcan kits and Highpoint Health will distribute through its Recovery Support Outreach Program to law enforcement, other first responders and provider agencies.

“The grant from DCF is a godsend to the efforts CARE is making to save lives and get people into recovery,” said Spade. “We also appreciate Highpoint Health’s effort to provide the distribution system. It’s just one of many examples of how Highpoint Health has really stepped up to address the substance abuse issue.”

As the primary healthcare provider in Dearborn County, Highpoint Health appreciates the opportunity to work with other community stakeholders through the CARE initiative, said Michael W. Schwebler, Highpoint Health President and CEO. “We are especially grateful for the generous grant from DCF which will allow the Narcan distribution program to continue until additional resources are available in 2020,” he said. “Our law enforcement officers and other first responders, as well as those involved in providing treatment and recovery care, are on the frontlines of this crisis every day and it is imperative that they have the resources available to them to help save lives and guide individuals toward recovery.”

McCarter said the $18,000 grant was made through the Lawrenceburg Community Grant Program, which is annually funded by the city of Lawrenceburg, at DCF. “This is another example of how the Foundation works to help our donors make a difference in the community,” he said. “The City of Lawrenceburg is a longtime donor that’s made a huge charitable impact in our community. Mayor Kelly Mollaun and other city officials also have played a lead role in the establishment of the CARE initiative.”