LAWRENCEBURG, Ind., November 16, 2022 – A $1,000 Proactive Grant has been awarded to the Archaeological Research Institute (ARI) by the Dearborn Community Foundation, Inc. (DCF) to help explore the past and preserve the future. 

DCF Board member Jeanne Lehn, center, presents a $1,000 grant check to Liz Sedler, Executive Director of Archaeological Research Institute, right, and Nichelle Lyle, ARI Director of Resource Development and Marketing.

“Through hands-on educational experiences, they focus on the identification, preservation, and responsible scientific exploration of archaeological sites in Southeast Indiana, Southwestern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky,” said DCF Board member Jeanne Lehn, who recommended the grant. 

In a continuing effort to make an impact in the community, DCF is awarding 15 proactive grants of $1,000 each throughout 2022 to charitable organizations that serve Dearborn County residents. Each of the Foundation’s 15 volunteer Board members is recommending a grant. The money comes from the Foundation’s Unrestricted Endowment Funds, established by donors to provide flexibility to address changing needs in the community over the years. 

“I learned of this organization while walking one morning with a neighbor, who serves as a volunteer. Investigating, understanding, and educating about the historical roots of our area are invaluable to this county. This organization provides positive energy to serve our community in this manner and conducts some really creative activities for us,” said Lehn.

 The $1,000 DCF grant will go toward “much needed new lab equipment” to which ARI volunteers, visitors and students will have access, said ARI Executive Director Liz Sedler. “We were pleasantly surprised when we were notified, we were going to be receiving the grant. It turns out that one of our dedicated volunteers had been chatting with one of the DCF board members about her time she spends at ARI. That board member decided we were worthy of the $1,000 award.”

“Our volunteer who was talking us up to the DCF board member spends a lot of time in the lab doing fine sort of artifacts that have been excavated at our digs,” continued Sedler. “I would like to get equipment that will make her volunteer hours more enjoyable.”

 Lehn added she firmly believes in “understanding that our past informs our future, and this organization certainly works to promote that.”

 Visit to make a donation to ARI.

Anyone can contribute to an unrestricted endowment at DCF and help make impact grants like the 15 DCF Board members are recommending in 2022. For a list of unrestricted endowments and to learn more about the Foundation, call 812-539-4115 or visit the Foundation website at If you are interested in contributing to DCF, visit the Foundation’s “Give Now” website page to donate online and to learn about other giving options.